Mother's Day Theme: Extraordinary Mothers - Meet J!

1. Hi J, thank you for agreeing to having this interview with us, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I am J. I am 35 this year and I am a Finance Manager working in the healthcare industry. 

2. How many kids do you have?

I am a blessed mother of a little girl. She is turning 3 in July.

3. Today’s theme is extraordinary mothers, what was your biggest challenge during motherhood?

My pregnancy journey to conceiving her was quite smooth sailing. Little did I know, the real challenge started after she was born. There was a lot of emphasis these days on breast feeding and how breast milk is great for our little ones. Hence, I tried my best to breastfeed. I was a considered a low supply mom so there was difficulty in producing enough milk for my baby. But I hung on and latched Jamie till she was 17 months old.

I would have loved to breastfeed her longer if I could. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with second stage breast cancer and breast feeding had to stop in order for me to start receiving treatment.

My first thought after my diagnosis was whether it would be traumatic for Jamie to be weaned off breast feeding so suddenly. Fortunately for me and my husband, she took it like a champ and went off it in a night.

4. How did this challenge affect your motherhood journey?

I had to take a year off work, focusing on getting well and going through chemotherapy and surgery. Of course, there were times that I felt sad and questioned “Why me? I’m a young mom of 1, I’m still breastfeeding, and I have cancer?”

5. How did you overcome this challenge?

By having a supportive husband and loving toddler. They helped me to get through any doubts and sadness I had during this journey.

It does put life in a different perspective and strengthen my resolve to get well and live my life well so that I can see my child grow up.

6. What is your favourite thing about motherhood?

Looking back, my favourite part about motherhood was breastfeeding. I latched my child for 17 months and those were 17 months of mother-child bonding. Seeing her fall asleep on my bosom and cradling her little body, I felt that was my favourite memory of early motherhood. 🥰

7. How did your friends and family support you through this tough time?

I was really blessed to have strong family support from both my husband’s side and my side. They cooked nutritious food for me and offered to look after my active toddler during times when I was sick from the chemotherapy side effects. It does take a village to raise a child! My friends also sent me tonics and boxes of fish to help me recover after my surgery.

8. Any advice to give to new/young mothers?

Lastly a word of advice to all ladies out there, young breastfeeding mothers could be at risk for breast cancer too. Check your breasts regularly and if there are lumps that do not go away, please get it checked. It is quite normal for breastfeeding mothers to have lumpy breasts, but if there are persistent lumps that do not go away after breast feeding or massage, do see a doctor. You can never be too careful.

9. Will you eat lactation cookies to boost your breast milk supply? What do you look for in a lactation cookie?

To combat low milk supply, one of the things I did was to eat lactation cookies. It is great and convenient, helps to boost milk supply as well as an easy way to fill my stomach during those midnight feedings and pumping sessions.

I usually look for lactation cookies with nice flavours like chocolate or oat as it is a milk booster. But it would be great if they come in lower calorie options too 😁

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