Happy Father's Day - Meet Kevin!


1. Hi there Kevin! Thank you for agreeing to having this interview with us. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi I am Kevin! I have been married for 5 years. I work in a regional finance role and also have a keen passion to volunteer my skills with NGOS. I’m also a lifelong Liverpool fan, YNWA!

2. How many kids do you have?

I have 1 son, he is a covid-era baby and he is 15 months old.

3. What do you think it means to be a good father?

To love, nurture and be there for your child.

4. How has the experience of fatherhood been for you? Best/worst moments?

I absolutely enjoy being a Dad! It is a joy that has to be experienced and totally different from everything else. No matter how difficult my day has been, spending time with him helps me to keep things in perspective and remind me that my family and relationships are my priority.
Best moments are when Jared really enjoys spending time with us.
Worst moments are the sleepless nights, which safe to say is a fuzzy memory now.

5. Do you think that fathers are underappreciated?

Well I think the spotlight has to be on mothers as they naturally have the protective instinct for their child. Fathers generally like the fun part of parenting but have to also step up to share the burden. I personally do not feel underappreciated and have renewed respect for mothers!

6. What are the things that dads do “behind the scenes” that are not normally known?

We pick up a lot of the crap, literally haha. I am pretty good at ensuring that what he needs magically appears at our doorstep and never runs out.

7. What advice would you give to new fathers? Or something you wish you knew before becoming a father?

Embrace getting to know your child, enjoy every moment and be there for them because they grow up really quickly. I have been lucky to see many good examples of modern present dads with my friends so I hope to be one too. There is no secret sauce, good relationships take time and effort.

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