From Food Enthusiast to Nutritionist: Meet Ms Adeline Chan, Our In-House Nutritionist!

From Food Enthusiast to Nutritionist: Meet Ms Adeline Chan, our in-house nutritionist who formulated Burpps Lac+ Lactation cookies recipes after 2 years of long rigorous research and development. Each ingredient has been carefully studied and curated into a cookie that is well balanced, with milk boosting benefits and great taste. To learn more about our ingredient list, click here.

Adeline is a mother of 2 and has graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition with First Class Honors. Today let us hear from her on her tips and advice both as a mom and a professional nutritionist!

1. Hi Adeline! Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? Why did you choose to become a nutritionist?

I am a food technology enthusiast as well as a nutritionist. Since young, I was exposed to a healthy lifestyle which revolved around sports and healthy home cooked meals. Being curious, I read up a lot on food and nutrition. When there was the opportunity, I decided to pursue an education on it, graduating with a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Queensland, and stayed on in the industry there after. Today, I am a full time working mum with two beautiful kids!

2. How has becoming a nutritionist impacted your dietary choices for you and your family?

Our family gets the best of both worlds- Tasty and well-balanced meals. It is common to associate healthy food as less delicious. However, that is certainly not true in our household! One tip is to use lots of herbs and spices to flavour the food. Stews are a great way to infuse flavours into meats as well.

 3. How was your own breastfeeding/motherhood journey?

Both of my kids were breastfed exclusively for 12 months. As a working mum, one of the challenges was to find a clean place to pump milk when we are out on the go. But mummies, persevere on because the sacrifices are worth it; your baby will get all the healthy nutrition he/she needs, and breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience with your child.

4. What are the common struggles new moms face as they commence on their breastfeeding/motherhood journey? Could you also share some common myths on breastfeeding?

It is normal for your milk to only come in 4 days postpartum. You can nourish your baby with a few drops of colostrum + spoon feed some formula (if you’re worried that your baby might get used to the bottle). A common question among new mums is whether their baby is drinking enough milk. This is usually judged by the colour of urine and the number of wet diapers. 6 or more wet diapers a day during the first month is a good indication that your baby is drinking enough.

A common myth is that ‘You need to drink milk to make more milk’. The truth is that you need to replenish your fluids to produce more milk. Milk is one of them, but soups, water and juices are some of the other options.

 5. For maximum benefit, could you advise the optimal direction of use for Lac+ cookies?

The recommended quantity is 2 pieces a day. We had feedback from mothers that they noted a positive impact in their milk supply after consuming our lactation cookies. It is also encouraged to massage the breast regularly along with daily consumption of our lactation cookies to stimulate milk production.

 6. Why are Hungry Hippo’s yogurt cookies great snacks for the whole family including kids?

This is because the ingredients used in this cookie are rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin D, which is perfect for the growth and development of your child!

7. As a nutritionist and a mother, what advice can you give to new moms that can help in their breastfeeding and motherhood journey?

a) It takes a village to raise a kid, do not be afraid to ask for help/support
b) It is ok if you are a low-supply mum, do not feel guilty, you should celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small.
c) If you struggle to pump milk when you are not with your baby, place a picture of your baby in front of you or think about the happy moments with your baby, it will help with the let-down.

I hope these tips were helpful!

8. If you could sum up your motherhood journey in one word or phrase, what would it be?

Motherhood has added colours and dimensions to my life. I would not exchange it for anything else!

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