Breastfeeding Tips & Eating Right with Gina Yong

Breastfeeding & Eating Right by Gina Yong

We all know the importance of breastmilk for our precious babies! As mothers, we want the best for them and as such we are always in search of how to enhance the quality of our breastmilk! At Burpps Lac+, we understand this and partnered with Gina Yong, a breastfeeding consultant with more than 19 year of experience who shared her valuable tips on breastfeeding and eating right on the 8th April 2021. Gina has over 19k followers on her Facebook page and is also the founder of Love Breast Feeding.

For those who may have missed the live, you can rewatch it on her FB link.

Read on as we summarise some of the useful tips and information she shared in our article.

Eating for 2 Myth

It is a common belief that when you are pregnant, you will need to eat for 2. Well, set aside those second helpings of mains and desserts! In our Live session, Gina gently reminded that there is no need to eat for 2 when you are pregnant and to just eat normally like you usually do! However, mothers burn an extra 500 kcal when breastfeeding, so it is recommended to have a snack every time after you breastfeed to replenish your energy and nutrients! This is where Lac+ Lactation cookies come in handy! Made with wholesome ingredients, our cookies are delicious, and packed with milk-boosting ingredient!

The Importance of Replenishing Macronutrients

It is important to replenish macronutrients like protein, calcium, omega 3, iron, vitamins A & D and healthy fat as those nutrients are needed for breastfeeding, for your milk to be healthy and nutritious for your baby.

Did we mention that Lac+ lactation cookies are made with carefully selected natural and wholesome ingredients that provide breastfeeding mummies with these fundamental macronutrients too ūüėä

The Importance of Replenishing Fluids

It is very important to keep yourself hydrated and to replenish your fluids after breastfeeding. While plain water is the best option, juices, milk or soups work as well. For traditional confinement drinks like red date and longan, it is best to drink them in moderation as longans are considered ‚Äúheaty‚ÄĚ and over consumption drinking may not be beneficial.

The Importance of Eating Regularly

As your body uses up a lot of energy during breastfeeding, it is normal to feel hungry after nursing. It is therefore of utmost importance for mommies to eat regularly and to pay attention to your body and hunger pangs! As Gina mentioned, do not worry about putting on weight as your health and your babies' health are the utmost important! When you are eating well, you will be able to provide your baby with the best breastmilk.

Why LAC+ Lactation Cookies

Our Lac+ Lactation cookies is the perfect choice for mommies looking to increase their breastmilk supply for their babies. Formulated by our in house nutritionist and food technologist, mommies can be assured that our recipes have gone through careful, deliberate research and countless tweaking to achieve the optimal balance between taste and benefits. 

The results? A lactation cookie that is packed with powerful galactagogues to help boost breastmilk supply and tastes delicious too! Our cookies are rich in herbs and fibre, which helps with digestion. They are also packed with minerals and vitamins to help mommies replenish their nutrients and energy.

As a mother's body differ one from another, our nutritionist recommends to take 2 pieces of Lac+ cookies together with a tall glass of full cream milk a day at least 2 hours before pumping or latching. Each pouch comes with 15 individually wrapped cookies to for hygiene purposes and to retain freshness for even longer! 

Want to know more about Lac+ Ingredients and how they can help to increase breastmilk supply? Click here!

We hope that you find these tips useful! Thank you for letting Burpps Lac+ Lactation cookies be a part of your breastfeeding journey!

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