DIY Crafts with our Mailer Box for Earth Day

Earth Day is a significant reminder that we should learn to honor our earth by reducing waste and to recycle and reuse whenever possible! To ensure that Burpps cookies are delivered to you in good condition, great care goes into packing our cookies snugly into mailer boxes! As these mailer boxes are made with sturdy cardboard material, they can easily be reused instead of being discarded! This will help in reducing waste, carbon footprint and promotes sustainability.  

In this DIY tutorial, let us show you how you can reuse our mailer boxes for some fun yet simple art and craft that you can do as a weekend activity with your kids! (*IMPORTANT: Parental Guidance is STRONGLY recommended when handling scissors, pen-knives or other sharp objects)

Today we will be showing you 3 ways on how you can reuse our carton box!

Firstly, as our boxes already come packaged nicely with flowers, bubble wrap and paper tissue, you can easily reuse them to repack a gift for your loved ones!

 Burpps Lacation Cookies and Yogurt Cookies comes packed beautifully- a perfect gift for new moms too!

Moving on, lets get on to the 3 DIY projects we have!

1. DIY Pressed Flower Storage Box

The items you need are a pair of scissors, double-sided tape and pressed dried flowers. You can get the flowers from Shopee! You may use other items that you would like to decorate your box with!

Once you have gathered those items, put on your creative cap and get to work! Firstly, sort out the flowers and decide where you want to place them. Next, use the scissors to cut a small piece of the double-sided tape and place it on the box. Tear off the plastic and then place your chosen flower on the tape! Viola! You are done. Just repeat the process until the box is full of flowers or you have used them all up. The box can then be used for storage or even used as a gift box. Personally, we use it to stash our snacks.

2. DIY Photo Holder

For this project, you need a string/ribbon, a photo, a pen, tape and either a penknife or scissors.

Firstly, cut off the top part of the box as shown in picture 2 using either a penknife or scissors. Be careful! Do not throw away the cut off part as we will be using that later for project 3! Next, use your pen to poke a hole at the top part of the box, in the middle.

Then, use your scissors to cut a string long enough to attach one end to the photo and the other end through the hole of the box. Stick the string onto the photo using the tape and attach the other end through the hole in the box and tie a knot to secure it.

Now you have a photo holder! You can easily change photos by taking out the tape and replacing it with another photo. You may decorate your box as well! Here we have added some plant displays. How you furnish it is entirely up to you!

3. DIY Coasters

Recall the top part that you cut off for project 2? Time to put it to good use!

Firstly, get a cup, a pen and a penknife/scissors. Next, use your pen to trace around the bottom of the cup. Leave some space between the circles. Then. Use your penknife/scissors to cut out the circles, cut outside of the line so that the coaster will be bigger than the cup. And there you have it, cupboard coasters! Design and personalize your own coasters!

We hope that you enjoy these fun DIY ideas that you can do using our carton boxes. Please tag us on Instagram/Facebook if you tried them out yourself! Happy Earth Day from Burpps! Do you have any other fun DIY ideas for our boxes as well? Please let us know too!

Our lactation cookies and yogurt cookies are formulated by our in-house nutritionist and are halal certified. They come individually wrapped to enhance freshness and convenience too! A perfect gift idea for moms- our cookies come delivered in mailer boxes with a spray of dried flowers and message card. Personalised messaging is available upon request too!

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