Stay Home June holidays/HBL Activities with your children

With heighted phase 2, it is strongly encouraged for us to stay home. With June holidays and home-based learning, your children ought to want to go out to have fun. However, being a worried parent you would want to minimise contact with others for the sake of your children’s wellbeing and safety.

Here are some activities you could do with your kids at home to alleviate their boredom during the June holidays!

1. Complete a puzzle together

Building a puzzle together is great for bonding and helps to pass time as well! You also get to guide your child to solving challenges and how to be patient, as not every piece fit and they need to find a solution, where to place the correct pieces.

2. Make homemade playdough

Kids love playing with playdough and they can be pricey if you purchase a lot of colours. Why not make them at home? It is cheap and easy! This recipe is perfect. 

3. Build a fort

You do not have to go out to have some camping fun! Kids love building forts, do it together with them with some cushions/pillows and bedsheets/blankets! That will sure keep them occupied!

4. Put on a play with stuffed animals

I am sure our kids all have a lot of stuffed animals, and they love to bring them to life with voices and actions. Let your kids act out a play by draping a sheet over a chair and having them sit behind it.

5. Enjoy a snack together

Doing all these activities together and having fun has to be tiring! Remember to take breaks to hydrate yourself. Have our yogurt drop berry bellies cookies as a healthy snack to replenish you and your child’s energy! Our yogurt cookies are authentic bars of genuine goodness with spray dried yogurt powder and real berries fruit powder.

6. Draw/paint together

Let your kids express their creativity by drawing/painting! You could choose a common theme and do it together, even holding fun competitions!

7. Make popsicles

With this hot weather, an ice-cold popsicle is a perfect treat! You could put anything you want, flavoured drinks, or add in fruits into a blender into a smoothie and freeze it for a sweet frozen treat!

8. Play bowling

Use empty cans or water bottles as pins and use a small ball to knock them down! It may be tiring to have to keep on rearranging the pins but I am sure your kids will have a lot of fun!

9. Board games

Introduce to your children your favourite board games when you were young! Show them that mobile games are not the only way to have fun.

10. Cardboard boxes Art and Craft

Kids love cardboard boxes as they can do whatever they want with it! Join them as they make their own creations. Check out how we re-use Burpps mailer boxes into beautiful DIY art and craft projects here!

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