Easy Last Minute Valentine's Day DIY Craft Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Lavish your bae with our premium skin care from Marvo & Co and add a personalized touch with a handmade gift. Afterall, a handmade gift from the heart speaks a thousand words.

Marvo & Co Skin Care from Sydney, Australia

Holding on to the principle that less is more, each bottle of skincare from Marvo & Co encapsulates the simplicity of au naturel goodness. ACO Certified Organic, Animal Cruelty Free and Approved by the Vegan Society, lavish your special someone with our skincare that takes care not only for our skin but also for our earth.

Each product comes prettily packed in a gift box with a royal blue bow. Customized messaging available too.

*15% discount of ALL skincare

Express the inner artist in you with these easy DIY gift ideas that you can easily make to convey the message of love!

  1. Folded Origami Heart

What is a better way to show love other than hearts? Show your love by folding these cute origami hearts! Check out this easy tutorial here.

  1. DIY Flowers

Flowers can be expensive, especially during Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, they do not last long and will wither. Paper flowers are inexpensive and last for a long time! Check out this video for DIY paper roses and this video for other DIY flower types! Impress him/her with your DIY flower bouquet!


  1. DIY Photos Box

Photos are a great way to cherish memories, remind your partner the great times shared with them by making a photo box! For a simpler design, try this pull out photo box. For a more complex design, try out this explosion photo box. Your partner will surely be amazed by your crafting skills with this!


  1. Handwritten Card

Nothing beats a handwritten card. Use your words to express your love and feelings for your partner, a great gift that money cannot buy. Spice up your card with this pop up heart card design!

  1. DIY Gift Box

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates! Spruce this gift up with a DIY gift box for the chocolates.

  1. Love Notes Jar

Make each day an opportunity to show your love with a Love Notes Jar! Fill the jar up with special notes and messages to brighten their day.  

We wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love,

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