Why STEM Toys Are Good for Children When Growing Up

What is STEM and why STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is an approach to learning that incorporates those 4 subjects into the education and development of your child. Through this, your child can learn to think critically and assess risks. They get to engage in experimentation and learn problem solving, independently solving tasks.

Learning STEM from a young age helps our children to be innovators and problem solvers of the future.

STEM is an indisputable component of a child's education. STEM should be introduced to your children while they are still young to give them a head start in life. While growing up, their brains are developing fast and engaging with the world around them in new and inquisitive ways. It is important to encourage your child’s curiosity, and exposing them to different STEM products whilst their brains are still developing is a great way to do this.

Through this, your child will be exposed to unlimited wonder and experimentation that will help accelerate cognitive development. They will explore the environment through their senses whilst they learn to understand the world around them. STEM toys set your child up for success, improving their motor skills and increasing their sense of confidence as they learn through play.

What are the benefits of STEM?

  1. Improve problem solving skills

STEM toys encourage thoughts and improve cognitive learning at a fast pace. Children are encouraged to think independently and use their intelligence to play with the toys. These educational toys present your kids with unique challenges and encourage them to find solutions to complete the toy. This also allows them to be confident in facing struggles.

  1. Learning becomes fun and interactive

It is important to make education and learning a fun and engaging activity for your kids as parents. That is exactly what STEM toys do. They associate complex learning concepts from technology, maths and science into simple ideas that can be easily grasped by children. Your children can identify the problems as a learning opportunity, and they carry this learning with them for life.

  1. Encourage creativity from a young age

STEM toys encourage kids to think of original ideas and creative decision-making. Every field requires creative thinking in the long run; be it scientists, engineers, or artists. STEM educational learning toys for children presents them with multiple options with each bringing out a different outcome. It is completely on the child as to which outcome they prefer. These abilities nurture their capabilities to think critically and approach each activity without bias, preparing them for the professional world.

  1. Improve motor coordination skills

STEM toys are not just good for their mind and brainpower, they also improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills significantly. The more your children are exposed to motor activities, the stronger and more confident they get about using their hands and fingers. It is recommended to introduce these technology toys at an early age they are learning and developing.

Koa Koa STEM Toys

French brand, Koa Koa, was developed by Kim Goldstein who worked for Nickelodeon where she discovered the growing popularity of the Maker Movement. Together with London based designer, Oscar Diaz, they conceptualize DIY kits that are fun, safe, and educational for children. Through these toys, children are able to have a rewarding hands-on experience while also developing their creativity, honing their problem-solving skills and exploring the intricacies of how things work. 

The creative approach to Koa Koa’s toys uniquely combines Science, Technology, Engineering & Math, otherwise known as STEM. Proudly manufactured in Europe, Koa Koa is also featured in many renowned educational institutions and museums such as the British Library, Milan Salone del Mobile, Cite du design Saint-Etienne, Lousiana Musuem of Modern Art, Palais Decouverte and more.

Available in 6 different DIY sets, they are suitable for children from the ages 6 and up. The kits available are Animal X-Ray, DIY Pencil Sharpener, DIY Flashlight, DIY Animal Vision Glasses, Colour-it-yourself Organ T-shirt and DIY Doorbell. They are on sale now for up to 35% off!

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