Are your Lactation and Yogurt Cookies Halal Certified? 

Yes our cookies are halal certified, they are produced in a Halal and Mesti (food hygiene) certified manufacturing facility. Check out our facility here!

How are your cookies packaged?

We know how busy you can be! Therefore each cookie comes individually packed in a resealable white pouch. Just pack what you need for the day in your bag or lunch box. Individually sealed cookies also stay fresher for a much longer time as well!

Will my cookies be damaged during delivery?

To ensure our cookies are protected from the jostling during delivery, our cookies will be bubble-wrapped and packed snugly into sturdy e-mailer carton boxes. 

How long will it take for my cookies to arrive? 

Upon confirmation of your order, please allow 4-7 working days for the cookies to be delivered! If you need an urgent delivery, do feel free to contact us and we will try our utmost best to fulfill your requirements. However do note that expedited delivery may incur additional charges. 

I am gifting the cookies to a friend. Will you be able to personalize a message? 

Yes we most certainly can! Simply write the message in the additional notes section upon purchase!

How many Lactation cookies must I eat a day to see results? 

Our nutritionist recommends eating 2 cookies per day at least 2 hours before latching or pumping. However as every body is different, the results may differ one from another! 

Can I eat the lactation cookies when I am pregnant?

As our cookies do contain fenugreek, a natural supplement to help boost breastmilk supply, you SHOULD NOT consume them when you are pregnant. 

Which country are your cookies from? 

Lac+ Lactation cookies and Hungry Hippo's Yogurt Cookies are founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Burpps is the official distributor for Singapore market! We are also proud to announce that our lactation cookies are now being distributed in many confinement centers in Malaysia as part of dietary supplements to breastfeeding mummies under their care. 

Refunds and exchanges

As cookies are perishable items, we are unfortunately unable to process any refunds or exchanges. If however you have received the wrong order or have an item with any manufacturing defect, please do contact us here with your order number within 5 days of receiving the items. For our internal investigation, please note that we may also need you to furnish more information such as photographs etc.